What We Do

Project Watershed is dedicated to facilitating water resource education in Central New York by providing access to programs, equipment, training and a growing volunteer-acquired database on the Internet. We help promote a citizenry that is:
* more aware of potential threats to water quality and how to reduce them
* more aware of the process and importance of water monitoring
* motivated to support efforts to achieve optimal water quality in the region's watersheds

The Project Watershed Consortium seeks to connect participating teachers and their students, and recently adults, with regional professionals, whose organizations sponsor successful water quality programs, and to provide them access to:

A stream survey database for uploading students' and adult teams' recorded water quality measurements and observations on the Internet so these can be shared with other Project Watershed school groups.

The Save Our Streams Survey Program for monitoring the biological, chemical and physical quality of water in regional waterways through a series of on-site tests.

Teacher-training sessions that prepare them for implementing water quality monitoring activities in the field and enhance their knowledge of water resources.

A stream monitoring program for adult volunteers

Portable, accurate and user-friendly water quality monitoring equipment and curricular materials.

Educational programs, modules and teaching strategies that focus on our water resources, watersheds and related issues.

The knowledge that government is obligated to protect and maintain our watershed environment.

Potential career exploration for participating students.