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Locations We Sample

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Beartrap Creek, North Of Northern Lights Mall - Trib. to Beartrap View
Beartrap Creek, Between I-81 and Northern Lights Plaza View
Butternut Creek, Dewitt Town Park - North of Kinne Road View
Butternut Creek, Bridgeport-Minoa (Minoa Shepps Crnrs) Road Bridge View
Butternut Creek, South of Jamesville Reservoir - Palladino Road View
Butternut Creek, Rte. 481 crossing by Jamesville Road View
Butternut Creek, ESM High School - Fremont Road Crossing View
Chittenango Creek, By NYS Rte. 20 bridge View
Chittenango Creek, Russell Ave. Bridge, Chittenango View
Friendship Woods Stream, RT 57 Bridge Crossing View
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