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Assessments and Response Actions

Review of all field and data monitoring activities is the responsibility of the Director, with the assistance of the Project Coordinator and other Members of the Board of Directors.  The Director and assisting project members will accompany volunteers in the field during every monitoring event.  Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend training sessions and workshops, when offered, to learn Project Watershed CNY/SOS stream monitoring procedures.  Student volunteers are trained on-site and assisted by the Director, supervising teacher, and assisting project members.  The Director and assisting project members will evaluate sampling and testing procedures in the field.  If errors in sampling techniques are identified regularly, retraining sessions may be scheduled more frequently. 


Following the monitoring event, the Director checks the integrity of the data and results.  The Director determines whether suspicious data should be qualified or thrown out.  In certain instances, the Director will go back to the stream site and retest a specific parameter for verification purposes.  In the event that an unusually test result is obtained again, the Director may call upon the services of the County Health Department or another local water quality agency to sample the site and either verify or disregard the result. 


All monitoring data and results may be reviewed by state and local agencies as requested. 

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