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Inspection and Acceptance Requirements for Supplies

All supplies and equipment are purchased under the direction of the Director.  Upon receipt, all chemical solutions, standards, and reagents will be inspected by the Director for leaks, punctured seals, or other problems.  The Director will also compare the expiration dates of each chemical and note the recommended shelf life.  All chemicals are replaced before their expiration dates.  Other sampling or testing equipment is also inspected by the Director for broken or missing parts.  Any chemical or physical equipment that is deemed faulty or damaged by the Director will be returned to the manufacturer for replacement. 


For monitoring chemical water quality parameters, Project Watershed CNY/SOS uses chemicals and supplies from Hach Chemical Company, LaMotte Chemical Products Company, and Millipore Corporation.  Project Watershed CNY/SOS uses a kick seine for biological monitoring (benthic macroinvertebrate assessment).  The seine is 3’ x 3’ with 1/16�? mesh attached to wooden poles.  The netting was purchased from Nichols Net and Twine Company.  The Director determines whether the seine meets the requirements (data quality objectives) of Project Watershed CNY/SOS. 

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