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Instrument/Equipment Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance Requirements

As part of the project’s inspection and maintenance, Project Watershed CNY/SOS performs a variety of tests to ensure data quality.  The Director does conduct routine maintenance checks on all of the equipment.  The Director must ensure that the equipment batteries are properly charged and that the equipment is in good working order.  The Director routinely inspects all glassware and testing containers for any cracks or breaks.  The kick seine is also routinely checked for tears or holes.  A new seine is purchased if any holes or rips are found in the existing one.


All equipment and reagents are checked by the Director prior to every monitoring event.  If anything appears to be faulty it is replaced immediately (when possible).  The Director also keeps track of the chemical/reagent supply as well as all expiration dates.  Chemicals are replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  The Director is responsible for ordering new chemicals. 


The Director keeps extra chemicals and spare parts on hand.  Several analytical filtering units are kept on hand for fecal coliform testing.  Additional glassware, particularly BOD bottles, is also kept on hand for when multiple monitoring activities occur in the same week. 

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