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Dedicated to facilitating water resource education in Central New York

Project/Task Organization

Project/Task Organization

The core of Project Watershed CNY/SOS is its Board of Directors.  The members of the Board are each associated with various educational, environmental, industrial, and governmental institutions.  Currently, there are nine members on the Board of Directors.  The Board meets on a bimonthly basis to discuss past activities, the program progress, and future endeavors.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include:

· collaborating with organizations sponsoring water resource education programs;

· informing teachers and students in Central New York about Project Watershed CNY/SOS;

· obtaining and maintaining water quality monitoring equipment and supplies through grant writing;

· conducting workshops and forums for interested volunteers to educate them about water resource issues;

· training volunteers in stream monitoring procedures;

· maintaining the web site and database for communicating stream survey data;

· publishing and distributing articles discussing the program’s progress;

· assisting the Director with communicating with school groups, scheduling and supervising stream monitoring activities, and managing monitoring equipment;

· orienting student participants toward environmental careers; and

· periodically reviewing and revising the By-laws.

Contact information for the Board of Directors can be found on the following page.



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