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Dedicated to facilitating water resource education in Central New York

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A grassroots, volunteer organization, Project Watershed consortium is dedicated to facilitating water resource education in Central New York by providing access to programs, equipment, training and a growing volunteer acquired database on the Internet. We help promote a citizenry that is:
  • more aware of potential threats to water quality and how to reduce them
  • more aware of the process and importance of water monitoring
  • motivated to support efforts to achieve optimal water quality in the region's watersheds

At this time, Project Watershed consists of three separate stream monitoring programs, each servicing a different population of individuals in specific geographic regions in Central New York. These are: Project Watershed (PW) - high school students in Onondaga and Cortland Counties; Project Oneida Lake Watershed (POLW) - high school students and adult volunteers in Madison, Oneida and Oswego Counties; and Select-A-Stream (SAS) - adult volunteers in Onondaga County..



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