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Career Exploration in Water Resources

A number of opportunities are available for high school students interested in pursuing professional careers in the water resource and water quality fields.

Following the required educational preparation, positions may be sought with federal, state and local environmental and health agencies, private engineering and consulting firms, non-profit organizations and private industry. Specific positions include:

* Water Quality Technician
* Water Quality Educator
* Environmental Quality Analyst
* Watershed Inspector
* Nonpoint Source Program Coordinator
* Hydrologist
* Hydrogeologist
* Watershed Manager
* Wetlands Delineator
* Limnologist
* Water Chemist
* Wastewater Technician
* Sewage Treatment Plant Operator
* Soil Scientist

Most water resource related positions require either a two-year technical college degree from a recognized environmental/water resources department for a technician or para-professional position, or a four-year degree in some facet of environmental or water resources for a professional position. Additionally, many professional positions in water resources (Hydrologist, Limnologist, Water Chemist) may require an advanced degree or study beyond a Bachelor's degree.