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Project Watershed Central New York | Dedicated to facilitating water resource education in Central New York

Adam's Eden
Armstrong Trib Nine Mile, Armstrong Road
Baltimore Brook: Baltimore Woods Downstream Site
Baltimore Brook: Midstream Site below Richards Farm
Baltimore Brook: Upstream Site at Murphy Road
Baltimore Woods Tributary, Bishop Hill Rd. and Rte 175, Near Baltimore Woods
Beartrap Creek, Behind Roxboro Road Middle School
Beartrap Creek, Between I-81 and Northern Lights Plaza
Beartrap Creek, North Of Northern Lights Mall - Trib. to Beartrap
Beartrap Creek: Kirsch Drive in Mattydale
Beaver Creek- Brookfield
Bishop Brook, Behind (north) Fayetteville-Manlius HS
Butternut Creek, Bridgeport-Minoa (Minoa Shepps Crnrs) Road Bridge
Butternut Creek, Dewitt Town Park - North of Kinne Road
Butternut Creek, ESM High School - Fremont Road Crossing
Butternut Creek, Route 481 at Route 5
Butternut Creek, Rte. 481 crossing by Jamesville Road
Butternut Creek, South of Jamesville Reservoir - Palladino Road
Canaseraga Creek, Creek Road - Rte 5 bridge crossing
Carpenter's Brook, Peru Road bridge
Chenango River
Chittenango Creek
Chittenango Creek 2 miles below Falls
Chittenango Creek, 1 mile above falls
Chittenango Creek, Ballina Road
Chittenango Creek, By NYS Rte. 20 bridge
Chittenango Creek, Russell Ave. Bridge, Chittenango
Cowaselon Creek, Elm Street Bridge
Cowaselon Creek, N. Main St Bridge, N. of T-Way
Crooked Brook-rd. off VanBuren-BVille
East Branch Tioughnioga Creek
Fabius Brook
Fish Creek, Palmer Road bridge
Friendship Woods Stream, RT 57 Bridge Crossing
Furnace Brook
Furnace Brook -Lower Elmwood Park
Furnace Brook, Corcoran High School / Elmwood Park
Geddes Brook, Horan Road, Camillus (off Milton Ave)
Geddes Brook, Shove Park
Green Lakes
Harbor Brook, 50 ft. south of Grand Ave. Bridge
Harbor Brook, Delaware Street, near Fowler H.S.
Hunts Creek at the Marathon High School campus
Ley Creek, 7th North Street Bridge
Ley Creek, NYS Rte. 11 bridge
Ley Creek, South Branch by Tarbell Road
Limestone Creek, Kiley Rd. Bridge, New Woodstock
Limestone Creek, Kirkville Rd. Bridge Crossing
Limestone Creek, Mill Run Park
Limestone Creek, Minoa Shepps Corners Rd--Smiths Market
Limestone Creek, Pleasant Street service road by former Manlius STP
Limestone Creek, Rt. 13 Bridge, New Woodstock
Limestone Creek, Rte. 5 Bridge Crossing, Fayetteville/Town Hall
Limestone Creek-Stack Animal Hospital-Syracuse
Meadowbrook, E. Genesee St. and Hillsboro Pkway.
Meadowbrook-East Genesee Street
Millpond Stream, Stream crossing by Entry Road to Pratts Falls County Park
New Stream Sampling Location
Nine Mile Creek, Amboy by Rte. 173 bridge crossing
Nine Mile Creek, Camillus Clubhouse
Nine Mile Creek, Marcellus H.S., above Village STP - and Crown Mill Site
Nine Mile Creek, Martisco Station - RTE 174 - Save the County DEC s
Nine Mile Creek, Munro Park, V. Camillus
Nine Mile Creek, Rte. 174 at Marcellus Falls
Nine Mile Creek, Rte. 690 Lakeland off-ramp - State Fair Blvd
Oneida Creek, Rte 5 Bridge Crossing,City of Oneida
Onondaga Creek, 100 feet south of Dorwin Ave
Onondaga Creek, Dickerson Street near downtown Rescue Mission
Onondaga Creek, Kirk Park
Onondaga Creek, Tully Farms Rd X Solvay Road
Onondaga Creek, Tully Farms Rd. x Bear Mtn. Road
Onondaga Creek, West Branch Route 80 Bridge
Sawmill Creek, Onondaga Lake Park
Sawmill Creek, Onondaga Lake Park
Scriba Creek, Constantia Fish Hatchery
Shotwell Brook, East Lake Road & Rte. 41 bridge
Shotwell Brook, Pork St. Trib., 1 mile east of NYS Rte.41
Shotwell Brook, Pork St., 0.5 mi. east of NYS 41
Skaneateles Creek, Mill Road at nature trail, off Old Seneca Tpke.
Skaneateles Creek, Rodak Road Bridge
Tannery Brook, Baker H.S., District Parking Lot
Tioghnionga River
Trout Brook, Bennett Street bridge site
Wharton Creek
Air Temperature
Algae Amount
Algae color/texture
Aquatic Worms
Beetle Larvae
Chlorides Q
Clams and Mussels
Common Net-spinning Caddisfly
Crane Flies
Damselfly and Dragonfly
Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen Q
Dissolved Oxygen sat
Fecal Coliform
Fecal Coliform Q
Free Living Caddisfly
Gilled Snails
Hellgramites, Dobsonflies & Fishflies
Nitrates Q
pH Q
Phosphates Q
Pouch Snails
Pouch Snails and other Lunged Snails
Riffle Beetle (adult and larvae)
Riffle Beetles
Second Dissolved Oxygen for BOD
Stone Flies
Stream Bed Composition
Stream bed stability
Stream Cover provided by:
Stream Depth
Stream Flow
Stream Velocity
Stream Width
Total Coliform
Total Dissolved Solids
Total Dissolved Solids Q
Turbidity Q
Water Appearance
Water Odor
Water pennies
Water Temperature
Water Temperature
Weather conditions
Weather Conditions 3 days prior to event