Data Taken on Butternut Creek, ESM High School - Fremont Road Crossing on May 20, 1998

Sampling Event: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm

Physical Data

Parameter Value Units Observation Protocol Notes
Water Temperature 19.7 C N/A water_temp N/A
Water Appearance N/A N/A Brown Muddy Water Appearance Observation N/A
Water Odor N/A N/A No Odor Smell N/A
Stream Bed Composition N/A N/A Silt Mud Observation of streambed N/A
Stream bed stability N/A N/A Bed sinks underfoot in no spots Observation of stream bed stability N/A
Algae Amount N/A N/A Scarse Observation of Algae Amount N/A
Stream Cover provided by: N/A N/A Stream cover provided by rocks Stream cover provided by logs Stream cover provided by trees Stream cover provided by other things Observation of stream cover N/A


Parameter Value Units Observation Protocol Notes
Dissolved Oxygen 8.9 mg/L N/A do N/A
Dissolved Oxygen sat 100 % saturation N/A d_o_sat N/A
Fecal Coliform 0 colonies/100ml N/A MEL/MPN N/A
Second Dissolved Oxygen for BOD 4.4 mg/L N/A bod_d_o N/A
pH 5.89 N/A N/A ph N/A
Phosphates 0.06 mg/L N/A phos N/A
Nitrates 4.4 mg/L N/A nit N/A
Chlorides 0 N/A N/A Low Range Mercuric Thiocyanate Method N/A
Turbidity 8 NTU Units N/A turb N/A
Total Dissolved Solids 450 mg/L N/A tds N/A

Chemistry Q Values

Parameter Value Units Observation Protocol Notes
Dissolved Oxygen Q 0 N/A N/A d_o_q N/A
Fecal Coliform Q 50 N/A N/A col_q N/A
BOD Q 57 N/A N/A bod_q N/A
pH Q 51 N/A N/A ph_q N/A
Phosphates Q 96 N/A N/A phos_q N/A
Nitrates Q 68 N/A N/A nit_q N/A
Chlorides Q 50 N/A N/A chlor_q N/A
Turbidity Q 80 N/A N/A turb_q N/A
Total Dissolved Solids Q 40 N/A N/A tds_q N/A


Parameter Value Units Observation Protocol Notes
Sowbugs N/A N/A A SOS protocol N/A
Scuds N/A N/A B SOS protocol N/A