For Students

When your teacher or environmental club leader signs you up for Project Watershed, you get to explore and learn about a stream near your school. You will learn about pollution, sources of pollution, and how to prevent pollution. You will collect and identify stream insects and crustaceans, learn about water chemistry, and determine the health of your stream.

Project Watershed is much more than something you do in class. When you participate in Project Watershed, you are helping protect streams in your community. The data you collect is used by county agencies and volunteer groups to identify streams that need help and to restore them. You can also use the data collected to compare water quality in different streams in your community and to plan your own restoration projects.
Learn more about watersheds and how they affect stream health.
Learn more about what will happen when you are out on the stream.
Back in the Classroom
Check out the Project Watershed Database to see the data you collected and to compare it to data collected on your stream in other years. You can also compare data collected in different streams.
But don’t stop there. Plan a trash clean-up or restore your stream. Click here for more project ideas.