Student Quotes

"Thank you very much for teaching us about how important nature and Project Watershed is to this world.  One thing I personally liked was when you showed us all of the rare bugs there are in the water.  Another thing I really liked was when you told us some of the bugs have to have a specific temperature to live in the water." - Raymond S.


"I really think what you are doing for the community is cool and it is a very nice thing to do ... I really liked the bugs that you went out of your way to get for us in the cold winter water ... I will take everything that you told me to my heart and do all I can to help out all of the dying lakes and streams." - Chris F.


"The slide show was a perfect idea.  I liked that you were so into teaching. I also liked when you brought in all those bugs.  I also learned that every bit of water is used in some way and I would like to learn more." - April W.


"You told us what a watershed was.  You have also shown me what bad stuff could happen to all the rivers and what wildlife was getting hurt in the process ... You have really opened my eyes to my environment." - Devin H.


"I thought it was pretty cool to see all of the different kinds of bugs and then to try and figure out what the different kinds of bugs were." - Cody S.