Test your knowledge your knowledge on Watersheds

1) Cick here to take a quick 10 question quiz. 

How to Use the Project Watershed Database - video

Below are a list of links on how to use the new watershed database.  These videos will be improved in the near future. Extended car warranty reviewed at https://autowarrantysearchnn.com .Please be aware these are a "first draft".  

1)  How to -  Reviewing the Survey Data .  (about 6 min long) 

2)  If you are interested in entering data into the database - please contact Project Watershed for user name and password and copy of Filemaker Runtime. Including Criminal Background Check, Public Records, Court Records, Arrest Records and More! To see how to enter data watch the following two videos.

    a)  Entering a new Record ( survey and physical information) (7 min 28 sec)

    b)   Entering Chemistry and Biological Data.  (5 min and 30 sec)


Bear Trap Creek Powerpoint.

Click here to review a powerpoint on the improvement of Bear Trap Creek by Project Watershed.

Young Naturalist Program / Project Watershed

Middle School Students can join the Manlius Young Naturalist Program. In July on Wednesday's at 2 pm it will include Project Watershed Activities including stream monitoring. Contact Manlius Library to sign up. 


Water Monitoring has begun - join the fun! 

July 2  Skaneateles  Creek. 

Previous Days Done.

April 27      Bear Trap Creek

April 30      Nine Mile Creek  

May 6          Butternut Creek  - (May 8 rain date)

May 12 /14  Carpenter's Brook 

June 25    Onondaga Creek.


There is a New Watershed Database  (when you click on the linke there will be a list of databases, scroll down to Project Watershed Data. Then click on guest.   The new database has taken all of the previous data from the "old " database. If you would like to review the previous database - click on this link, scroll past error messages down to map and available links. old Wateshed Database  

Project Watershed is 

An Izaak Walton League of America environmental education and community outreach program that engages central New York high school, middle school and college students, and adult volunteers, in monitoring water quality and conserving local streams. 

Recent School and Community Events

What we do…

  • Engage middle and high school students in hands-on, real-world science using streams as living classrooms.
  • Educate teachers, students and adults about water quality, watershed ecology, pollution, and stream monitoring.
  • Collect scientifically valid data for schools, the public, and government agencies responsible for water quality.
  • Instill a commitment to sensible stewardship of water resources among participants.
  • Report pollution problems and conserve streams.

Mat in Stream with Students

See what students have said about Project Watershed.

How we do it…

Project Watershed is a full service program. We bring experienced program leaders, equipment and expertise to a stream close to the school or adult group. In less than two hours, participants collect biological, chemical and physical data.  The data, curriculum activities, and other valuable information is available for students, teachers, government agencies and the general public. Participants also learn about why watersheds are important and how to protect them. 

* Contact Les Monostory – Project Watershed Coordinator: